Its a breezy day in Westmoor, the sky is clear and the weather warm. There is a faint fish smell that is carried in the salty sea air. Walking past Governor’s lane, where the city is ran by The Chancellor and her party, Thiodras Flynn (Theo to his friends) walks eagerly to his workshop with a cart full of new parts he picked up from the Tinker’s Guild. He has a new idea to stabilize the sound frequency which, if his theory proves correct, could clarify the audio of his voice stenographer. He then stops suddenly as he smells the sweet scent of baked goods, a personal weakness of his. Maybe he’ll stop into the old cake mage’s bakery to reward his break thru. That it is, as long as he is correct, and can pay the guilds patent fees.

Welcome to Westmoor!

This game is likely going to take place mostly in one place, a small coastal city called Westmoor. The adventure types will take on a bit of a dark side, but likely we will still have a light-hearted take on things, per the norm. Influence-wise, I’m stealing ideas from Cthulhu, with some general D&D tropes mixed in. Unlike the Cthulhu mythos, D&D characters are expected to stop the bad guys, so there will be that. Its going to be moderate fantasy, as opposed to high fantasy or low fantasy. It’s an original setting (as original as when you steal a bunch of ideas from other places and mash them together) but has some ideas stolen from other games. Also, I like steam tech and the idea of an evolving technology alongside ancient magic always intrigues me, so this is a thing in this game too.

Quick Bullets (about the setting)

  • Westmoor is a busy shipping port with a diverse population and diverse economic standings.
  • Westmoor is run by a Noble approved Chancellor and aided by her self-appointed staff and other elected officials.
  • Westmoor holds many secrets and discovering these secrets will help resolve the mystery of what is happening in Weatmoor.
  • The age is on the cusp of a technological revolution while the throne slowly loses its hold on its sovereignty.
  • The different guildsmen hold a lot of sway within the political system with the lines blurring between nobles and wealthy merchants.
  • The primary religion in this world revolves around the All Father and his Children.
  • The All Father’s children each have their own path to follow and encourage the peoples to each follow that that path.
  • The adventures will revolve around these things: A cult (or two), A dragon’s schemes, a prophetic meteor crash, an assassination attempt, and an abandoned keep. Not necessarily in that order, though.
  • While some of the city is detailed to fit the story, there is a lot of open areas to let you guys fill in your own ideas.
  • There are major NPCs in the game, called Icons (just like 13th age) but these NPCs aren’t always super powerful ultra beings (but, some of them are).

Westmoor 5e